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I guide sensitive women who have been seeking to find a home within their own skin for their whole life, back to themselves.

I do this by working with the fragmented parts of their psyche using archetypal healing, bringing awareness, acceptance, and reconciliation back into their consciousness.   

My Story

All my life I’ve been a seeker, and what I was seeking was to feel at home within myself. This is lead me on a long healing journey in which I have been a lifelong student of healing myself and the fragmented aspects of my psyche I had exiled deep into my subconscious.

Through my experience of childhood trauma, disassociation and addiction I unknowingly found myself following the blueprint I had absorbed in my early life which was victim mentality. I was also a very sensitive soul who absorbed other people’s emotions and often felt overwhelmed by my emotions and being in my body. Of course, this leads to trying to escape the body by seeking comfort through addictions.

My way back to myself has been through working with my trauma by building the capacity to be present in my body through trapped emotions using somatic therapy, inner parts work, working with subconscious aspects of my psyche, and developing a healthy relationship with them which in turn flows onto developing a healthy relationship with myself.

This is what I know to be what real self love is. To stop being at war with yourself.

Our psyche is made up of many different parts. When we experience a traumatic event(s) at a young age we often don't have the support and resources to process our emotions. These emotions and parts of our younger self are frozen in time, reliving the trauma while your consciousness does its best to forget it. It does this by eliminating the 'exiled part' to the very back of our subconscious, and this is what is called the shadow.

To access people’s frozen parts I use a variety of modalities which access your subconscious and bring them into your awareness to feel, process, accept and integrate. I use a variety of art therapy modalities from collage, clay work, creative writing, drawing and painting.

I also work with the healing vibrations of a medicine drum to relax and ground the body and conscious mind while I facilitate clients through guided meditation journeys. In this state  they are able to rewire and heal their relationship with parts of themselves.

I also work as a Transformational Facilitator who coaches women using a variety of methods from belief work to quantum healing.

My particular specialty is working with our shadow archetypes and how they are subconsciously running our lives when they aren’t acknowledged and brought back into our awareness.


  • Transformational Facilitator and Coach with Earth Pulse Collective

  • Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist with Mind Body Education

  • Arts Facilitator & Art Mentor in the Disability & Mental Health sector

  • Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design & Graphic Design

  • I’m an artist; painter, printmaker and have worked in the creative industries for 16 years

  • Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner

It is my deepest joy to work on the level of transformation at the subconscious level to bring aliveness and freedom back to women who have not felt alive because of their trauma.

I blend healing with creativity to reconcile the parts of you you have been taught not to love. Once you are able to be with yourself through your deepest emotions, you are truly free to follow your heart and enjoy the beauty and mystery of life again.

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"Healing is the end of conflict with yourself."

Stephanie Gailing

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